Nick Aliberti was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and grew up in St. Louis, MO. Having lived in all sorts of places from Maine to Arizona, New York City to Los Angeles, Nick has seen a great deal of this country and his music echoes his love for it.

The Kingwhistler concept came to Nick upon moving from the East coast to the West in 2009. It was then that he decided to direct all of his creative energy into this sound and style. Nick joined up with Ben Perry to produce the first KW Single, "Holiday Homeward," and finding success, the two decided to continue working together. Nick staged the "Grass Routes Campaign" in 2012 to raise the funds for the debut Kingwhistler album, and after assembling a team of fine musicians tracked and released "Grass Routes" with Perry at the helm of the Mix.

"Grass Routes", the debut Kingwhistler album, was released June 20, 2014 and drew acclaim from industry professionals and music publications like the Modern Rock Review.  Look for the follow up to Grass Routes in late 2017.